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We know that the website development is the art of understanding the customer’s business and his needs thus presenting the information in the most attractive and comprehensive way. We study your business and expectations of potential customers and optimize the scheme of website perception so that the road from the visit to the call is the shortest one possible.

As the web-marketing is developing, the importance of well-considered and artful design steadily grows. Our team consists of designers working in different styles; they have the website design experience in different fields of business. The best specialists will work with your Project – those who are the most suitable and advantageous for your field of business. Apart from personal design you will get the qualitative individual custom –built code Each element and detail of the website is developed considering the skilful work with search engine optimization systems.

  • Personal project manager
  • Reporting on a project status and project deliverables
  • Custom Web Design
  • Responsive Web Design (on request)
  • SEO Web Design
  • We implement solutions that will work for you (your goals – our solutions)
  • Limitless number of changes of already developed design version
  • Programming according to W3C ( standard
  • Flexibility of website in its further functional development
  • 2 Year Guarantee

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  • Website development for «MD Concept»

    February, 2016

    Website development for «MD Concept»
  • Website development for «ab virtuves»

    November, 2015

    “ab virtuves” — design, quality, responsibility.
    Our assortment includes complete kitchens, bathroom furniture, built-in cupboards, tables and other items for interior design. However, the main area of our work is design and production of kitchen furniture.

    Website development for «ab virtuves»
  • Website development for «St. Peter’s Boutique Hotel», «Forums», «Laipu»

    September, 2015

    We offer a comfortable accommodation in the very heart of Old Riga for every taste.

    Website development for «St. Peter’s Boutique Hotel», «Forums», «Laipu»
  • Website development for «Uhh Design»

    August, 2015

    Website development for «Uhh Design»
  • Website development for «Laurus Med»

    June, 2015

    “Laurus Med” company started its operations on wholesaling of pharmaceutical products on September 2013. Before that we have undertaken persistent efforts in the pharmaceutical industry since 1997, which began with the opening of a pharmacy, oriented to retail purchaser.

    Website development for «Laurus Med»
  • Website development for Linkturs

    April, 2015

    Website development for Linkturs
  • Website development for «Mēbeļu outlets Gigant»

    March, 2015

    The joint project "Mēbeļu outlets Gigant" is an association of manufacturers and distributors from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The goal of the project is to offer furniture and other household goods from all around the Baltic States at extremely competitive prices. We maintain direct cooperation with manufacturers, therefore the prices of our products are way more competitive than those offered by other retailers; apart from that, the product range is exceptionally broad.

    Website development for «Mēbeļu outlets Gigant»
  • Website development for «Evors»

    March, 2015

    “EVORS Group” is not just our name. It is our emblem which is a symbol of your security. One of the core values of the security company “EVORS Group” is the professional team.

    Website development for «Evors»
  • Development of Landing Page of

    February, 2015

    A landing page to carry out successful marketing campaigns for attracting new customers of Vipabonent company. The site sells brilliantly and actively the services of the company, demonstrating all benefits of using the services of Vipabonent.

    Development of Landing Page of
  • Development of self-service website

    January, 2015

    Self-service website for existing customers of Vipabonent Company using previously created API. The site allows users to view available tariffs and services, itemization of calls for the selected period, the history of payments and requests.

    Development of self-service website
  • Development of programming interface (RESTful API)

    December, 2014

    Application programming interface: API, which is a “mediator” between the internal system of client control and external applications.

    Development of programming interface (RESTful API)
  • Website development for JSC “EURO RAIL TRANS”

    January, 2015

    JSC “EURO RAIL TRANS” was founded in early 2012 and is the subsidiary of JSC “Russian Railways Logistics” which is the leader of Russian logistics operators. The JSC “EURO RAIL TRANS” is the managing company of “Locomotive Traction Operator” holding, the aim of which is to develop the logistics business in the European direction of the railway area.

    Website development for JSC “EURO RAIL TRANS”
  • Website development for Белевская Пастила

    November, 2014

    Website development for Белевская Пастила
  • Website development for City Hotel TEATER

    October, 2014

    City Hotel TEATER is located in a vibrant cultural and quiet business part of Riga city center. The hotel is situated in beautiful Art- Nouve (Jugend) style building.

    Website development for City Hotel TEATER
  • Ormix

    September, 2014

    The company Ormix Electronics is made as the subsidiary company of ORMIX, a company that exists since 1993. Currently our company is one of the leading sellers of electronics and electronic elements to the manufacturing companies as well as technical servicing and repair companies, as well as “radio lovers” and people who are willing to become specialists in this field. We collaborate with sellers, distributors and warehouses in the South East Asia, Canada, USA and Europe.

    Website development for Ormix
  • Website development for Priority Service

    May, 2014

    Construction company «Priority Service» performs maximal complex of construction works ranging from projecting to completion.

    Website development for Priority Service
  • Vigorius

    May, 2014

    Company "VIGORIUS" was founded in 2007 and up to date it is successfully developing in the sphere of sale and producing of jewellery.

    Website development for Vigorius
  • NordConnect

    March, 2014

    Nord Connect is a young, dynamic company specializing in both classic phone services and modern Internet-based telephony.

    Website development for Nord Connect
  • RAS

    September, 2013

    Holding security company "Rīgas Apsardzes Sabiedrība" was created by professionals in the field of security services and for eighteen years it secures safety of its customers.

    Website development for

    September, 2013

    Portal development for „MODX.RU”
  • Capitolium

    November, 2013

    Website development for Capitolium
  • Tellan

    August, 2013

    Website development for«Tellan»
  • Gemini Corporation

    August, 2013

    Gemini Corp Limited was established on February 22, 2012 in Tanzania by a team of professionals who had been at the head of subdivisions of the Russian and the European industrial groups in the sector of mining industry, construction and energy sector in the countries of the East and West Africa for more than 7 years.

    Website development for«Gemini Corporation»
  • Loginas Mikroķirurģijas un Rehabilitācijas centrs

    May, 2013

    Website development for «Loginas Mikroķirurģijas un Rehabilitācijas centrs»
  • Itāļu mēbeles

    July, 2013

    Website development for
  • Website development for Green Home

    April, 2013

    „Green Home Jurmala” is a complex servicing combined with 5* apartments meant for people who need medical care, as well as constant assistance in implementation of everyday self-help service functions.

    Website development for Green Home
  • Website development for Konsalt Logistic

    May, 2013

    The company „Consult Logistic” ensures a full range of services for the external trade between Russia and countries of the European Union. „Consult Logistic” ensures a full range of services for the external trade between Russia and countries of the European Union. For the convenience of the servicing, a representative office has been opened in Russia, Moscow and Latvia, Riga.

    Website development for Konsalt Logistic
  • Website development for Runexis

    March, 2013

    A group of companies, operating under the brand name Runexis, is a diversified telecommunication holding company, having its composition assets operating in different product segments with maximum synergy with each other.

    Website development for Runexis
  • Website development for Itla

    February, 2013

    Company ITLA was founded in 1995 and is engaged in the production and sale of antibacterial socks, tights, leg care means and means for footwear care with anti-fungal properties under the brand name forA.

    Website development for Itla
  • Forteresse

    February, 2013

    Security company Forteresse is providing services to individuals and legal entities for the protection of property, access control, protection of the fleet, video surveillance and GPS-monitoring.

    Website development for Forteresse
  • GSM Partner

    January, 2013

    GSM Partner is a service provider of the largest operators in Russia - Beeline, MegaFon, MTS. GSM Partner offers comprehensive solutions that present a sale of unlimited tariffs into new markets, as well as simplifying the sales process and the control of mutual settlements between the Company and the dealer.

    Website development for GSM Partner
  • Granāts

    December, 2012

    The secret to delicious and innovative recipes from restaurant “Granāts” lies in the unique combination of centuries-old traditions of Eastern cuisine and classic European dishes that caters to the gastronomic tastes of every guest.

    Website creation for Granāts
  • «Новая линия»

    October, 2012

    The company «New Line» for more than 10 years has experience in wholesale of various mobile phones and accessories, as well as has been working in the field of international calls and communications. Providing its customers with only quality products and services, «New Line» "New Line" is confidently ahead of competitors.

    Website development for New Line
  • Poligrafijas grupa Mukusala

    October, 2012

    Polygraphy Group Mūkusala is a modern polygraphy company dealing with printing of newspapers, magazines, catalogues, advertisement materials and other polygraphy production. The company offers services of high-quality print at advantageous prices, as well as gives professional service.

    Website development for Poligrafijas grupa Mūkusala
  • Website creation for EG Interjers

    October, 2012

    EG Interjers is a rapidly growing company with big work experience in the Latvian market of furniture. The company EG Interjers offers a wide range of furniture, which is designed and made in Latvia – one-size-fits-all and for all financial possibilities.

    Website creation for EG Interjers
  • Website creation for Sportima

    September, 2012

    The best fitness club in the Baltic Sportima has been opened on April 11, 2004. The work has begun since that day, thanks to which we have become not only a friendly team, but we have become like-minded persons.

    Website creation for Sportima
  • Клиники Доктора Кремнева

    September, 2012

    Доктор Андрей Кремнев — высококвалифицированный пластический хирург, обладающий обширными знаниями и значительным опытом работы в данной области, использует исключительно проверенные и эффективные технологии и самые лучшие материалы для проведения пластических операций. Клиника доктора Андрея Кремнева обслуживает своих пациентов более 12 лет и имеет исключительно положительную репутацию.

    Website creation for Dr Kremnev Clinic
  • Website creation for GSM Standart

    June, 2012

    The company "New Line" for more than 10 years is engaged in the business of wholesale mobile phones and various accessories for them, as well as international calls. By providing their customers only high quality products and services, “Новая линия " (New Line) steadily is ahead of the competition.

    Website creation for GSM Standart
  • Website development for Tiropa

    June, 2012

    Tiropa is a company working in the field of international freight to Europe. The geography of the company extends from southern Spain and Italy to the Asian part of Russian Federation. While at maximum developing the logistics processes, Tiropa ensures the compliance with deadlines and high quality of freight delivery.

    Website development for Tiropa
  • Website development for Vivasan

    March, 2012

    The company Vivasan is the general agent of the largest Swiss companies – the manufacturers of a wide range of plant-based products in the international market. These are creams on medicinal herbs, essential oils, means of body care and hair care, cosmetics, dietary supplements to foods, etc. The company Vivasan is working according to the system of multilevel marketing.

    Website development for Vivasan
  • Website Development for TKB Trader

    April, 2012

    TKB TRADER – it is a unique trading platform created by the oldest private bank of Latvia - JSC “Trasta komercbanka” and the leader in the online trading support market - Saxo Bank.

    Website Development for TKB Trader
  • Website Development for Koala

    January, 2012

    Beauty salon Koala is the place where the modern tendencies of the world fashion and high style are implemented. Masters of the beauty salon not only follow the topical fashion tendencies, but they implement them as well. The salon Koala offers hundreds of models of haircuts, creation of exclusive style and always splendid result.

    Website Development for Koala
  • GSMTravel

    The Internet resource dealers of the company CamelMobile – here a new structure is created, modifications are introduced in various modules, as well as the system of receiving and processing of payments has been corrected according to the client’s wishes.

    Website creation for GSMTravel
  • RoamingSIM

    The portal of the regional dealer of the operator of mobile and fixed communications in Latvia - CamelMobile. The basic functionality of „the parent” website is used here and in addition a different colour solution is used not going beyond the corporate branding of CamelMobile.

    Website development for RoamingSIM
  • FreeRoaming

    The portal of the regional dealer of the operator of mobile and fixed communications in Latvia - CamelMobile. The functionality is the same that in the initial site and at the same time with the main emphasis on the visual differences preserving the general attraction to the corporate style.

    Website development for FreeRoaming
  • Teletie

    Notwithstanding that the company «Телетай» is the dealer of operator CamelMobile; this portal has significant differences from the initial one. Such differences are traceable everywhere in the design, in authorization system and even in the payment processing.

    Website creation for Teletie
  • Constanta Inc. website creation

    July, 2012

    Priority directions of company Constanta Inc. are the accounting and legal services. The company provides a full range of services in these areas and ensures professional development of any projects, the legal support in almost all areas of legislation of Latvia.

    Constanta Inc. website creation
  • BKB Birojs

    June, 2011

    SIA “BKB Birojs” is the company which is providing professional accounting services that has started its business in 2004. Within the period of its activities the managers of more than 90 different scope businesses and types of properties have turned to the company for services. SIA “BKB Birojs” has provided professional assistance in establishing the branch offices of international corporations in Latvia and for business starters - to launch their business fast and successfully.

    Website development for the company BKB Birojs
  • Metkon

    March, 2011

    Company Metkon is a modern production company. It mainly specializes in processing of sheet metal using turning and milling lathes, in powder coating of different products, as well as in welding of stainless steel and aluminium.

    Website development for Metkon
  • Olympic

    December, 2010

    Olympic Gymnastic Centre is one of the big and modern gymnastic halls in Eastern Europe that started its operation in March, 2007. Yevgeny Sapronenko and Igor Vihrov are the founders of the Centre.

    Website creation for Olympic Gymnastics Center
  • Copylux

    October, 2010

    Company CopyLux has been presented in the Latvian market for more than fifteen years. The main direction of business is the servicing of office equipment of such companies as XEROX, TOSHIBA and LANIER. Besides, Copylux is dealing with sales of digital copying devices and in addition is providing the services of copying equipment rental.

    Website creation for Copylux
  • Spectrum

    September, 2010

    AS Spectrum deals with selling of lighting equipment to legal and physical persons. Services relating to lighting: provision of electric installation works, replacement of lamps and lighting fixtures, consultations regarding the energy and electricity saving, lighting design and calculation of lighting taking into account the saving of electricity, consultations on applying LED lighting technologies.

    Website creation for Spectrum
  • Turbocard

    August, 2010 website is the project of the company CSC Telecom that is one of the leaders on the fixed communication market in the Baltic States. TURBO cards allow making international and long-distance telephone calls by using fixed communications.

    Website development for Turbocard
  • M Lite

    Company M Lite (M Lite Stage and Light) is one of the biggest companies on Latvian market in the field of services for technical accompanying of concerts and other similar undertakings.

    Website development for M Lite
  • Exin

    June, 2010

    Exin is a modern fashion clothes store. There is a wide assortment of different brands for real fashion clothes fans.

    Website development for Exin
  • Rīgas mēbeļu serviss

    April, 2010

    Company Rīgas mēbeļu serviss is a Latvian manufacturer of quality furniture for home and office. The upholstered furniture manufactured by this company stands out with its exclusive design, all its surfaces are perfectly fitted and it is durable. Rīgas mēbeļu serviss strives to be closer to its customers, listening carefully to their wishes and tendencies of modern fashion.

    Website for Rīgas mēbeļu serviss
  • Velme Classic

    January, 2010

    VELME Classic sewing company is specializing in corporate uniforms for bank, store, restaurant staff and many more, as well as in lightweight women’s everyday clothing. The main business directions of our company are women, uniform and special garment sewing, as well as any clothing design, automated cutting and spreading of different type and shape of garments using Gerber Technology System.

    Website development for Velme Classic
  • EcoExpeditions

    The Norway company Eco Expeditions works in the sphere of tourism. Within the competence of the company is the organization of exotic tours practically in all corners of the world.

    Website creation for EcoExpeditions
  • Balans

    Balans Club is one of directions of Amber SPA Boutique Hotel business. The clients of Balans Club get the unique chance to start the healthy life style, to bring the body into the state of “Balance”. The programme includes fitness and relaxation exercises and consultations on healthy food. Creation of individual programmes for health restoration.

    Website development for Balans
  • CamelMobile

    The company needs to develop its individuality on the Latvian market. The website creation shall have to become a significant step on the way for reaching this goal. The next task is to provide the site great functional possibilities for more efficient operational work of Camel Mobile management.

    Website creation for CamelMobile
  • Amber Spa

    Amber SPA is a modern boutique hotel, situated in Jurmala 100 meters from the sea coast of Riga Gulf.

    Website creation for Amber Spa
  • TBS Travel

    Company TBS provides a wide spectrum of services related to tourism.

    Website development for TBS Travel
  • CSC Telecom

    The company CSC Telecom, founded in 1998, services about 200 million minutes of traffic in a year. CSC Telecom is one of the major telecommunication operators in the Baltic States and in Scandinavia, the only operator on the territory of three Baltic States – Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia, – which has all the necessary licenses.

    Website creation for CSC Telecom
  • IBC Consulting

    Starting with 1994, “IBC Consulting Ltd” actively helps the customers in foundation of international companies, in accountancy and tax issues. The main business of IBC is the professional foundation of companies and administrative services.

    Website creation for IBC Consulting Ltd

    Riga production and commercial firm LTD «KLĪVA» was organized in 1993 and has travelled the path from single deliveries of its production to the status of one of the leaders of the Latvian market of industrial marketers for laboratories and control of technologic processes.

    Website creation for KLĪVA
  • Trans Trades Logistics

    “Trans Trades Logistics” offers a full complex of services in customs warehousing of cargos, international freight service and freight forwarding.

    Website creation for Trans Trades Logistics
  • BCCI

    BCCI offers diverse information about all cricket championships in India. Meanwhile, the IPLT is part of it as one of the biggest championships.

    Website development for BCCI
  • IPLT

    IPLT – Official Site of the Championship of the Indian Cricket Prime League.

    Website development for IPLT

    "ZEME AUTO" is a Latvian company that provides car leasing services and private lending for car purchases.

    Website development for ZEME AUTO
  • KVN Sistemas

    Latvian company "KVN Sistemas" is an official representative of companies "Efaflex GmbH", "Loading Systems B.V.", "Bavak B.V." and "Tane Hermetic S.L.", which specialize in manufacturing high-speed doors, garage doors, fire protecting doors, loading systems and warehouse equipment.

    Website development for KVN Sistemas
  • AG Property

    The website of the company «AG Property» has been created. The company is engaged not only in the sales of real estate, but also in performing its own construction work at the coast of Spain in Costa Blanta.

    Website creation for AG Property
  • Baltic Chemical Trading

    The website creation of the company «Baltic Chemical Trading» has been accomplished. The company is oriented towards the sales of petrochemical raw materials in the Baltics, Europe and a number of Middle East, Near East and Asian countries.

    Website creation for Baltic Chemical Trading
  • BESTurs

    The creation of the website for the travel agency BESTurs has been accomplished. Travel agency BESTurs offers tours to Egypt, Turkey, Italy, Greece and other travel destinations.

    Website creation for BESTurs
  • ClearingHouse

    The new website is created by means of the CSS technology, and it fully complies with the requirements of the international programming standards of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

    Website for СlearingHouse
  • Bestbrok

    Corporate website development is completed for the company Bestbrok, specializing in providing consultations in investment operations at the Forex market.

    Website development for Bestbrok
  • Alida Tūrs

    The brand "Alida Tūrs T.A." is known as one of the most stable and well-grounded companies in Latvia's tourism market even since 1991.

    AlidaTūrs T.A. website

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