Development of programming interface (RESTful API)


It is necessary to develop an application programming interface: API, which will be a “mediator” between the data source- internal system of client control and tariff plans and data user- external applications.

The external users of data can be self-service website, mobile application for Android/iOS/Windows Phone and any other possible applications.

To unify the access of any application, it is necessary to develop a common interface with general rules of information exchange, and develop documentation which describes all the possible interactions with the system. API interface should be protected from the unauthorized external connections.


Our experts have planned and successfully implemented a powerful and extensible API interface, which works, on the one hand, with low-level access to the internal system and on the other hand, controls and provides external access through the authorization system by a private key.

This API is based on the concept of software architecture REST (Representational State Transfer), i.e. the method of interaction between the components of distributed application in the Internet, in which the remote procedure call is an ordinary HTTP request (usually GET or POST; such request is called REST request), and required data are transferred as request parameters.

Each external application that needs to connect to the internal systems of the client via API, must first obtain obligatorily its own key. When executing the requests to API using its access key, the application is allowed to exchange information with internal systems.

For example, the application can get information about the tariff plans, connect a new client, block the number, use online chat for technical support and more. Any attempt to make an unauthorized request will be recorded and automatically blocked.

All actions that are accessible to the authorized application are strictly documented. The documentation is provided in a convenient form for use: the list of all possible actions and possible answers of the server are described, as well as the examples of the use of API are provided.

For performing the requests to the server, the requests GET/POST/PUT are used depending on the logic. The server responses are presented in the form of JSON standardized format. Furthermore, for additional convenience each server response is provided with one of the standard HTTP status codes, by which the application can determine how successful was performed any given request.

Slim PHP framework was chosen as a programmatic basis of the interface, which allows to quickly create powerful web applications and API. The source code written by our specialists is created in full compliance with object-oriented concepts, clearly documented, has a logical structure and allows to easily increase capabilities of API in its further development.

Development of programming interface (RESTful API)
API Documentation
Development of programming interface (RESTful API)
Slim Framework

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