Website creation for Olympic Gymnastics Center

Olympic Gymnastic Center is one of the big and modern gymnastic halls in Eastern Europe that started its operation in March, 2007. Yevgeny Sapronenko and Igor Vihrov are the founders of the Center.


The main auditorium of the Olympic Gymnastic Centro is youth. Therefore the main task is the creation of website taking into account the development of favourable image oriented to youth auditorium. Creation of the new website shall promote the popularity of gymnastics among Latvia residents.


The website creation has included in itself several solutions, namely, the creation of modern colorful design applying unique fonts, to the utmost simple interface for provision of access to the information on the website, as well as placement of motivated visual presentations and photos. The website meets all requirements of world standards in programming. Now one can successfully perform the website promotion in Google search engine system that will certainly facilitate the popularization of healthy way of life. The website is living the full, active life. The current news is updated constantly reflecting all current events taking place in the Gymnastic Center.

Website creation for Olympic Gymnastics Center
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Website creation for Olympic Gymnastics Center
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