Website development for Turbocard website is the project of the company CSC Telecom that is one of the leaders on the fixed communication market in the Baltic States. TURBO cards allow making international and long-distance telephone calls by using fixed communications.


The main task set by the customer to the company Baltic Design Colours is to create the website with options to replenish your TURBO card online through the internet. At the same it shall be taken into account the peculiarities of the corporative style and identity of TURBO and CSC Telecom cards.


Convenient and easy-to-use design shall fully concentrate the customer’s attention to his main goal – to replenish the balance of his TURBO Card. Therefore the easy access has been provided both to the information and to technical component of the website.

The website creation was performed considering the option to connect the website with internet banks of Swedbank and SEB. In this way the card owner can easily replenish his personal TURBO account by instantly connecting to the internet banking!

The registration modulus allows developing the personal profiles of users that allows to view and register calls, as well as to view all payments made. Now the customer can always be informed about all his operations that will certainly increase his confidence in company CSC Telecom.

Website development for Turbocard
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Website development for Turbocard
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