Waterfall Methodology

One of the most famous and effective methodologies for software development is the Waterfall Model.

It was applied for the first time back in 1970. The main concept behind this methodology is that software development life cycle should be broken down into well defined phases, which shouldn’t overlap.

The Waterfall model is aimed at mitigating risks and eliminating changes and can be highly effective when requirements to the project are very well understood.

Development life cycle using this model should be structured as follows:

Project Initiation Phase

During this phase, project objectives, which will be achieved through project deliverables, are pre-defined. Based on client’s needs and his business purposes, the main idea behind the project is established. Initial requirement for the functional component of the project is identified. Multiple other challenges relating to the initiation of the project are addressed.

Planning phase

During the planning phase we agree on a detailed scope of work. Requirements for each element of the website, both technical and visual are established. Should there be any changes to the project, identified during the planning phase, all the alterations have to be agreed on and approved by the client. The phase deliverables should be the following:

  1. technical requirement with detailed work schedule;
  2. detailed plan of web project interface;
  3. fixed budget updated, in case there are additional requirements to the project identified during the planning phase, which have not been included into the initial budget.

Implementation Phase

During the implementation phase, we work on developing the following:

  1. web project design – we create a design of the home page, as well as of all the basic subpages for the website. The result has to be approved by the client.
  2. coding and content development – we are prepared not only to code your web project but also assist with the content development.


Throughout the development life cycle we make sure that all the work is executed in compliance with the company’s accepted and approved practices, which we continuously perfect.

You will also be asked to test our product before the project is signed off.

Signing Off and Implementation

During this phase, together with the client, we make sure that the project is completed and in compliance with all the defined requirements. The product is signed off, all the payments finalized and the product is implemented, with all the files handed over to the client.

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Waterfall Methodology

Agile Methodology

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Why Baltic Design Colors?

  • We value your time

    You know your business, and we know ours – building successful web projects.

    We will develop an action plan, based on the research and analysis of your business needs. All you have to do is approving the plan, the rest will be covered by us.

    You define your business objectives – we offer effective solutions.

  • Quality assurance

    We continuously work on perfecting operational processes in the company.

    A detailed framework of processes and procedures that has been built over the last 15 years of experience is applied to each project. We have an extensive database of lessons learnt from completed projects, risk registers, checklists.

    Our project managers are PMP certified and our IT specialists are certified according to their area of technical expertise.

    We continuously work on perfecting our services to make sure that each project we focus on is extremely successful!

  • Communication channels and responsibilities clearly defined

    A personal manager will be assigned to your project, always ready to report on a current project status, interim deliverables, development plans and etc. Hence, you do not have to separately communicate with each party involved into the project.

  • Stability and experience

    We have got 15 years of experience in designing and developing successful websites. More than 200 web projects successfully completed!

    Our services have already been chosen by a multitude of recognized companies and organizations. You can also become our client.

  • Long-term development plan

    By engaging with us, you will gain access to the valuable information about habits and behaviour of your existing and potential customers (scope of their interests, motivation behind decision-making) and relevance of your services (more - less).

    We keep up with the latest trends in technology and we know where it is going and what might be in demand tomorrow.

    Based on the behaviour analysis, a step-by-step strategy for your business development online will be provided.

  • Flexible payment terms

    We cater for various engagement models and always work around your budget constraints.

  • Warranty on deliverables

    We guarantee that our work will be completed in compliance with the defined project requirements. Should there be any defects, we will fix it at our cost!

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