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Does your business lack qualified designers, programmers or project managers? What are the chances that your project is not going to meet deadlines?

Or perhaps your business requires additional resources that the company can’t sustain full time?

Our Solution

Baltic Design Colors assists with outsourcing competent programmers, designers and SEO-optimization professionals. Hire our team of experts and they will focus on your projects only, making sure they deliver on time and on schedule. Outsourcing services cater for flexibility and can be extremely beneficial to business, allowing for quick and easy expansion of your company’s capabilities.

We will assign a project manager on request, who is going to be responsible for managing all your projects and reporting on all of the project deliverables.

We offer the following outsourcing models

  1. full-time model – depending on the project phase, requirement for web developers may vary. This model allows you to engage your outsourced web developers in any of your projects.
  2. part-time model – web developers can be outsourced on a part-time basis, for an example, for 3 days a week. Otherwise, you may still engage the outsourced team in any of your projects.

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Why Baltic Design Colors?

  • Quick and effective solutions

    Ваша команда будет работать на все 100% только над вашими проектами. Ваши проекты будут завершены быстрее, а реакция на любую поставленную задачу будет мгновенной.

  • Translation services Website translations into various languages

    Your outsourced team will be focused on your projects only. Your projects will be completed much faster and all the challenges will be addressed immediately.

  • Convenient communication channels

    You will be able to communicate with your outsourced team via Skype or through online workshops. 15 years on the market. More than 200 projects successfully completed!

  • Communication channels and project responsibilities clearly defined

    A personal manager will be assigned to your project, always ready to report on a current project status, interim deliverables, development plans and etc. Hence, you do not have to separately communicate with each party involved into the project.

  • Confidentiality

    You do not have to worry about information leakage. A non-disclosure agreement has to be signed by all parties involved, including all of our company employees. Our office is headquartered in Latvia (European Union), where copyright protection laws and regulations have to be strictly adhered to.

  • Warranty on deliverables

    We guarantee that our work will be completed in compliance with the defined project requirements. Should there be any defects, we will fix it at our cost!

  • Stability and experience

    We have got 15 years of experience in designing and developing successful websites. More than 200 web projects successfully completed!

    Our services have already been chosen by a multitude of recognized companies and organizations. You can also become our client.

  • We aspire to deliver on the highest quality

    We continuously work on perfecting operational processes in the company.

    A detailed framework of processes and procedures that has been built over the last 15 years of experience is applied to each project. We have an extensive database of lessons learnt from completed projects, risk registers, checklists.

    Our project managers are PMP certified and our IT specialists are certified according to their area of technical expertise.

    We continuously work on perfecting our services to make sure that each project we focus on is extremely successful!

  • Automated recording of work-in-progress

    We make use of the time tracking software, which means that you will be aware of all the actions of your outsourced team and will be able to access information about all on-going tasks.

  • Flexible payment terms

    We cater for various engagement models and always work around your budget constraints

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