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We are specializing in complex Internet marketing strategies and we are really proud of our contextual advertising specialists. Since the time when PPC management has gained popularity we have been offering to our customers the management services for advertising campaigns and we really know more about the contextual advertising than any other do. We understand that our success is not possible without our customers’ success; therefore we will manage your advertising more accurately than ours.

We know that the contextual advertising is the key to success in many spheres of business. Its effectiveness more than one time exceeds the other types of advertising, and the price is affordable for companies with different scope of activities. The efficient management of ads and banners will allow getting profit from each invested cent. The advantage of textual advertising is in its instant effect. You will get new customers immediately and you will pay only for targeted conversions to your website.

  • Personal manager
  • Detailed reports
  • Instant beginning of advertising campaign — a few minutes and your website will be visible in search engines according to the required key words
  • Flexible budget management for the advertising campaign depending upon the desired resulting position
  • Campaigns integrated in several systems (Google AdWords, Yandex Direct)
  • Identification of the most effective queries and their correction according to changes in search results
  • Tracking the sources of visitors, calls and orders from the website
  • Analysis of effectiveness of performed campaigns

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Why Baltic Design Colors?

  • Experience

    We have got 15 years of experience in designing and developing successful websites. More than 200 web projects successfully completed!

    Our services have already been chosen by a multitude of recognized companies and organizations. You can also become our client.

  • Marketing updates

    We keep track of your ads and continuously work on perfecting them to ensure that every single word is working to your advantage.

  • Excellent results achieved through the combination of contextual ads and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    Advertising services for specials and new products and services through contextual ads. Clever audience engagement using multiple channels at the same time.

  • Guaranteed targeted traffic

    We will determine the maximum possible traffic and guarantee your website will achieve excellent rankings with our assistance.

  • Long-term development plan

    By engaging with us, you will gain access to the valuable information about habits and behaviour of your existing and potential customers (scope of their interests, motivation behind decision-making) and relevance of your services (more - less).

    Based on the behaviour analysis, a step-by-step strategy for your business development online will be provided.

  • No long-term contracts

    You determine for how long you want your contract extended.

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