Social Marketing

Social Marketing (SMO)

Probably you have already heard that marketing in social media is a breakthrough and up-to-the-minute method of attracting consumers’ attention. Maybe you have tried to get your own accounts in Twitter and Facebook and network the news of the company. But you do not know how to turn corporative pages into a source of buyers and space for communication?

Social media – it is not a visit card of the company. Social media – it is a new way to the target audience.

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Why Baltic Design Colors?

  • Stability and experience

    Baltic Design Colors have been involved with Internet marketing for the last 15 years.

    Our services have already been chosen by a multitude of recognized companies and organizations. You can also become our client.

  • Excellent results achieved through the combination of contextual ads and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    Advertising services for specials and new products and services through contextual ads. Clever audience engagement using multiple channels at the same time.

  • Long-term development plan

    By engaging with us, you will gain access to the valuable information about habits and behaviour of your existing and potential customers (scope of their interests, motivation behind decision-making) and relevance of your services (more - less).

    We keep up with the latest trends in technology and we know where it is going and what might be in demand tomorrow.

  • Использование самых современных инструментов социальных медиа

    Если завтра появятся новые возможности в старых сетях, послезавтра ваш аккаунт уже будет их использовать.

  • Communication channels and project responsibilities clearly defined

    A personal manager will be assigned to your project, always ready to report on a current project status, interim deliverables, development plans and etc. Hence, you do not have to separately communicate with each party involved into the project.

  • No long-term contracts

    You determine for how long you want your contract extended. Our clients do not have to pay for passive results. You pay for active work periods only.

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